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Kenneth.D. King, designer, professor MIT

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"Large women
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have real challenges
in getting the right fit ..."

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Joy is a delight to meet. She pays close attention to detail and her measurements are perfection. I will search no longer for an amazing seamstress to take care of all my tailoring needs, thanks Joy! I will be passing your name truly did fabulous work! Brandy Komor
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90% of women and 60% of men need alterations to their ready-to-wear clothes.
Sandra Betzina of Power Sewing October, 2015


Stats Canada.- More than 50% of women in Canada are in the workforce -

The Business Jacket is probably the first purchase a woman would make upon entering the workforce. It is the uniform for her as she moves up into management.
Women work an a steady pace, and build in small breaks during the day. Men are more likely to work nonstop, at a frantic pace, with no breaks.

Women are more comfrtable sharing information. Men tend to collect it and "hoard" it.

There are 44 million 18-31 year olds, versus 78 million baby boomers. Because there are fewer of them, and thus fewer good ones, they elect not to dress up for job interviews for one simple reason: they don't have to. Kelly Services Inc., 1998

Impressive Statistics on Canada's Women Entrepreneurs
By Lahle Wolfe, Guide November 8, 2009

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Major kudos to the business savvy and spirit of Canadian business women! Here are some impressive statistics showing Canada's female entrepreneurs are a strong and growing presence in business enterprise:

•In 2008, 910,000 Canadian women were self-employed entrepreneurs.
•1/3rd of all self-employed people in Canada are women.
•Over the past twenty years, the number of self-employed women in Canada only grew by by 6.4% but in Ontario, women now account for about 35% of the total self-employed population.
•Currently, 66% of all new businesses in Canada are started by women.
•Approximately 16% of all small- to mid-sized businesses in Canada are majority-owned by women.
Source: The Standard. Don Frasier. Women Leading a New Wave of Entrepreneurs. November 6, 2009..

These data indicate where we women spend our managerial work time:

1. 48% in managerial positions. (4)
2. 20.7% are of all physicians. (2)
3. About 40% of instructors and researchers. (5)
4. About 43% of research and instruction assistants. (5)
5. About 44% of executive, administrative and managerial staff members. (5)
6. Professional staff at public schools: 45% of principals and assistant principals were women in 1996. (6)
7. 9. 41% of school officials and administrators. (6)
8. 75% of all public school teachers. (6)
9. Women as lawyers: 24% of the nation. (8)
10. 14% of partners at law firms. (9)
11. 48% lawyers in private practice were sole practitioners (8)
12. Women in broadcast communications: 40%t of the TV news workforce with 24% of TV directors being women, in 1999. (11)
13. In radio 35% of the workforce, while 20% of radio news directors were women, in 1999. (11)
14. About 13% of general managers in radio newsrooms and 14% of general managers in TV newsrooms were women in 1999. (11)
15. Participation of women in occupations in 1998 (7): Accountants and auditors: 58.2%
16. Actors and directors: 38.7%
17. Architects: 17.5%
18. Airplane pilots and navigators: 3.4%
19. Engineers: 11.1%
20. Chemists (except biochemists): 32.9%
21. Clergy: 12%
22. Computer programmers: 28.5%
23. Computer systems analysts, scientists: 26.9%
24. Construction trades: 2%
25. Correctional institution officers: 25.4%
26. Dentists: 19.8%
27. Editors and reporters: 51%
28. Economists: 46.3%
29. Farm operators and managers: 23.1%
30. Financial managers: 53.3%Guards: 26%
31. Lawyers and judges: 28.6%
32. Medical scientists: 45.2%
33. Pharmacists: 44%
34. Photographers: 38.1%
35. 38. Physicians: 26.6%

Fortune magazine, 50 Most Powerful Women listing.

2- American Medical Association.

3- US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4- Wall Street Journal and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

5- U.S. Center for Educational Statistics, Fall Staff in Postsecondary Institutions, 1995, March 1998.

6- U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, Elementary-Secondary Staff information (EE0-5), biennial.

7- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment and Earnings, monthly, January issues, and unpublished data.

8- Curran, Barbara A., Women in the Law: A Look at the Numbers (American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession, 1995)

9- American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession, Report to the ABA House of Delegates, on the Status of Women in the Legal Profession, August 10, 1988; American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession, 1997 Goal IX Report Card; Federal Judicial; Center, National Center for State Courts.

10- Curran, Barbara A., Women in the Law: A Look at the Numbers (American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession, 1995); Curran, Barbara A. and Clara N. Carson, The Lawyer Statistical Report: The U.S. Legal Profession in the 1990s (American Bar Foundation, 1994); National Association for Law Placement, Selected Class of 1997 Employment Report and Salary Survey Findings, 1998.

11- Survey by the Radio and Television News Directors Association.

12- Catalyst, "Catalyst Census Marks Gains in Numbers of Women Corporate Officers in America's Largest 500 Companies," Nov. 19, 2002.

13- Catalyst, "Catalyst Charts Growth of Women on America's Corporate Boards," Dec. 4, 2002.

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