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D Dried Fruit Balls
E After-Dinner Mints
1 Cheese All-Star American
2 Cookies, oat & fruit - No dairy, No oil, No sugar, No spices, No Salt
3 Whole Wheat Bread (Machine) - Ontario
4 Whole Wheat Bread (Machine) - Pacific Coast
5 Bean patties
6 Applewich
7 Brownies
8 Vegan Nog
9 Whole grain Cereal
10 Millet/Whole Wheat Bread (Machine) Vancouver Island
11 Burger Delight
12 Smoothie
13 Vegan Breakfast Sausage




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We are very pleased to have our nutritionist, Mrs. Phyllis Vallieres, will be visiting from near Toronto, Ontario, and has kindly consented to be available for free question and answer time on the need for good nutrition.

During the week of February 5-12 she will willing to be available for questions.

If you wish to talk with her, please call 250-595-8211 or email

She gives many cooking classes and nutrition talks. This is a video of one of her classes:


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During 2015 she coached me through a lot of learning. I feel more alive - like a teenager again!











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